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Friday, 13 August 2021

Reality Checks

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Lucid dreaming is awareness of the dream and controlling it to some extent. More than half of us experience it once in a lifetime, and a quarter of us experience it monthly. For the last two decades, lucid dreaming has been in focus, and there's no reason to believe that it may be impossible for any of us.

There are proven techniques that you can practice and enjoy this fantastic adventure. One of the most common and easy techniques is Reality Checks. It is used to differentiate between reality and dream. We will understand it entirely by answering:

  • What are Reality Checks?
  • Why are these called Reality Checks?
  • How frequently should you do it?
  • What are different reality checks?

What are Reality Checks?

It is a crucial skill that you will practice in the daytime, and it will become spontaneous in a lucid dream to spot the difference between a dream and waking reality. Usually, we consider our dreams to be real life, but a reality check will help your conscious mind to realize you are dreaming.

Whatever check you practice will be quite usual in reality, but it will be the opposite in a dream and have mind-boggling effects.

Why are these called Reality Checks?

In the world of Lucid Dreaming, reality checks are also called mindfulness training. This technique is called a reality check because there is a noticeable difference between a lucid dream and real life. If you focus on real life, you will identify facts and events that are obvious in reality, and if you concentrate on a dream, you will realize the errors and fantasies that are possible only in a dream.

This is how a dreamer becomes aware of the dream and can control it (becoming lucid).

How frequently should you do it?

The purpose of more frequent reality checking is to assure automatic reality check in a lucid dream. There is no set rule for the frequency of reality checks. You can do it

  • Ten times a day
  • Every hour
  • Upon awakening
  • Before going to the bathroom
  • When something unusual happens

Frequent reality checks will help you make it the first thing you will do in a lucid dream.

What are different reality checks?

For good standards, you should practice two reality checks at the same time. There is a variety of reality checks that you can do. Some are listed below:

  1. Touch your index finger to your palm; it passes through the palm in the dream.
  2. Count your fingers. There might be more or less of them than usual!
  3. Push your hand or finger through a solid surface to see if it passes through or if you can feel solidity.
  4. Try to add two numbers, check whether the answer is correct or not.
  5. Check the time twice. In a dream, hours will pass by in seconds.
  6. Check your image in a mirror if it is distorted or not.

You can also make up other reality checks that will help you differentiate between a lucid dream and reality. It is a must for beginners as it gives you awareness of dreams, the first milestone of lucid dreaming.