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Monday, 30 August 2021

Dream Diary/ Journal for Lucid Dreaming

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Dream Diary/ Journal for Lucid Dreaming Associative picture from Unsplash

Your dreaming mysteries in your head can have multitudes of living beings, and you can control them just like a movie director. Do you know that many artists hone their skills; they accomplish it through practicing dream recall. Dream recall is not a first-hand imprint for lucid dreamers, but yes, it’s an innovative theory if you are a novice to this amazing dream world full of fantastic experiments.

It’s essential to remember the inspirations you acquire in lucid dreams – it is precisely where dream journaling comes in. Maintaining a dream journal is an essential and fun part of the lucid dreaming practice that helps you to improve dreaming awareness.

Keep reading this article if you want to practice an easy and fun technique to induce a lucid dream faster.

What is a Dream Diary/ Journal?

A dream diary can be a notebook or journal to write your dream every time you wake up from one. Or it can be a voice recorder or your mobile to record the voice note of your dream. The best practice is to write your dream as soon as you wake up to avoid missing any part of your dream.

There are no set rules; you can take a simple diary or buy one formatted explicitly for this purpose.

What to write in a dream diary/ journal?

Keep your dream diary/ journal with a pen next to your bed on a specific place and position every night. You can include the following information in your dream diary/ journal.

  • Write the dream title.
  • Write the dream date and time.
  • Write about the weather.
  • Dream location.
  • Describe your dream as much as possible.
  • Mention any technique that you practiced before sleeping.
  • Explain sleep quality.
  • What feelings you wake up with.
  • The type of dream.
  • Draw any memorable part or symbol of the dream.

This information will help you analyze your dream and dreaming patterns in detail and improve your dream recall, essential for enhancing lucid dreaming.

Importance of Dream Diary/ Journal for Lucid Dreaming

Dream diary plays a vital role in your practice of inducing lucid dreams by focusing on the following.

The practice of Dream Recall

Studies show that you can improve your dream recall by writing each dream whenever you wake up from a dream. It would help if you continued this practice for a couple of weeks, and you will observe an immense change in your skills of remembering dreams.

Improved and Vibrant Dreams

Over time, you will notice that your dreams are clearer than when you were not journaling your dreams.

Identify Dream Signs or Symbols

By recording your dreams daily, you might identify some of your signs or symbols. It can help you for awareness in a lucid dream.

Keeping a dream journal will not only help you induce lucid dreams, but you will also be into a habit of careful reflection of things happening around in the awakened life.